FacialDAS - Facial Detection, Animation and Speech

    This project aims to distribute a facial animation system with speech, developed to brazilian portuguese case. This system is composed by many modules: movement extraction, facial animation and speech, through a text-to-speech system.


     Actual scene is characterized by a high dynamism, with presential communication being substituted by virtual, for practicity and low costs reasons. Research and development in this field, nowadays, is a relevant work. It appers the necessity to create a capable computational system to extract movement of a human face to, after, simulate in a virtual face, animated through computer graphics techiniques. Using two videos from webcams, the movements are extracted by Computational Vision and Image Processing techniques. The virtual face is represented by a polygon mesh, and a set of vertices in the 3D space, connected through edges. Using JAVA programming language, the aim of this project is show to the Free Software Community a system for Facial Detection, Animation and Speech, adapted to the Brazilian case.
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